Macy Gray - Kissed It / That Man fake 7" (2010)

Here's my small contribution to the annual distinction of the summer hit, the one that will help to face tourists (Paris is the most visited place in the world !), heat, people dressed ugly (specially these awful tongs) and all the shit associated with this season. This year my choice is for "Kissed It" by Macy Gray, helped by Slash's Velvet Revolver. This song succeeds in mixing for the first time in history the best of Motown with the best of Glam. It's like T. Rex sung by Tina Turner (this occurred but it was not so good), or Gary Glitter backing Mary Wells (this never occurred). There is something of Prince and Denim (the Lawrence band) in the splendid last LP of Macy Gray, one of the greatest singers of all the time for those who missed the last decade and her gorgeous "I Try" in 1999. Strangely, she did not release this song on a single A-side (but released first the excellent "Beauty In The World" and then the danceable "Lately") but plays it regularily on TV shows. Hope it will however be a hit. It deserves it. On the B-side of this fake single, "That Man" another rocky one from the LP (that is much more soul oriented than these 2 songs might make you believe). Listen to the great voices of today. Listen to Macy Gray here.


A version of this song on Later with Jools Holland below

Below some pictures showing what a gorgeous lady Macy Gray is.


Anonymous said...

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dk said...

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