Melanie - The Complete Ballroom Streets dble LP (1978)

A forgotten re-up of this splendid double live LP recorded with a band in front of a small but warm audience in a period that could have been the second Melanie's breath (let's say the one that began with Photograph in 1976 and ended with Arabesque in 1982). But it was not (too many mistakes in production, promotion, attitude).  Here the 18 songs are provided while all digital versions you can find to dl are to my knowledge truncated of 4 songs (2, 7, 17 and 18). Maybe one day they will be honest enough to give the complete album to buy but I'm not sure. So take the opportunity to get it free (before the teeth of repression bite me) here.

I decided to post the complete double vinyl LP as released in 1979 for 2 reasons. The first is because I realised that some sites propose these songs to buy only in 256 kb and it's robbery to my ears. The second is that the first rip I did of the 4 missing songs was of very poor quality since I was not familiar with the technical aspect of catching analogic in numeric. I'm a little better at it now and those who dl-ded the first version will find a great improvement in the sound quality (but better could be done I suppose). Let me remember you that this double LP from live sessions given in front of a small audience is one of the greatest thing Melanie did in her entire life (I'll say with Gather Me in 1972 and Crazy Love in 2002) and never her voice and the way she used it, have been better (except maybe on Crazy Love). It's one of the rare album on which she has really a band for her and it's a shame that she never had the possibility to keep such a formation with her, cos' it allowed her to show how versatile she was, able to sing soul, cabaret, folk, rock, in brief to be a complete singer.

Below the recreated and famous song (at least in France) "Look What They Done To My Song"


And below the splendid version "Groundhog Day", sound improved compared with the previous post.



Harry said...

When you have some spare moments, would you please re-up the rest of the Melanie albums and singles on this site? Many thanks for bringing them to us!

Harry said...

I'd like to put in another word for this one. Whenever you have the time, of course.

Private Beach said...

According to Wikipedia, the original CD release left out 4 songs, but there is a newer CD version which is complete.

Harry said...

Thank you!

Regarding the CD version with the complete album — it looks like that is out of print as well.

dkelvin said...

This is a wikiperror. There was no complete CD version of the 2LP. The only issue was the Tomato and the 1994 edition only consisted of 14 songs. The first version in 1989 was a Dutch one (don't ask me why) but without the 4 deleted songs.
The best infos should be checked on discogs and for Melanie on the Robert Ian Smith blog http://freespace.virgin.net/robert_ian.smith/Melanie.htm

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with you as well with the comparision to Crazy Love. Her voice is incredible on this LP! First time I listened to it many years ago, I did not like it much as the music is not my taste, too American mainstream. But this time was very very much enjoying it as I focused on her voice. And her voice is what makes me love Melanie so much, as is probably the case for most of the Melanie fans.