Mona de Bo - Nekavejies, Sîs Ir Speeles Ar Tevi (2010)

When the time will come to complete the list of the five faves of the year, sure this LP from Mona de Bo, a band from Riga will be in it, close to Daughter (here) and Xasthur (there). I'm often not fond of this style that Sigur Ros are considered the leaders by now, but this duo succeeds in doing with it a musical world totally fascinating and in which you can drown easily on sad evenings. Not a weak track (except maybe when they become a little too drony to my ears) and an alchemy that many could dream of. This LP was donwloadable free on their site but you can (and should) buy the concrete version since the package (and of course the sound) worth it a million times. Enjoy the listening here.


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