Procol Harum - US Tour 1969 (1969)


A re-up of this Procol Harum bootleg captured on their 1969 US tour (at least the first of the year since they went several times over there where their music was more appreciated than in Europe). Some tracks were issued as bonus tracks on the Salvo re-issue of A Salty Dog (exactly 4). The quality was not really different from the bootleg so it seems there is no better source. And I don't think I could do much better with the basic equipment I have. So here it is. Like Procol said: "there'll be more".

Long time I had not posted any Procol Harum live recording. This is not one with a very good quality to say the least but the band is really fantastic on it. Procol Harum fans can only be in heaven in hearing a setlist melting a splendid raw and heavy blues such as "Going Down Slow" with a Robin Trower ready to become the white Hendrix and a demoniac doom instrumental as "Regent Walpurgis" that do the path for the macabre vein of rock, a Matthew Fischer classic if there is one. And when doom and blues melt together, it provides the fantastic "Cercles" (in streaming below). But of course there are the masterpieces any Procolomaniac such as I am, will find here all the sound beverages we are addicted to. These 2 concert extracts were taken during the US tour in March and April 1969, after the unexpected chart success of the Shine On Brightly LP and before the Salty Dog LP (deceiving one for my part, and released some weeks after this tour). It is clear that the band is here in a between-two period, but what a great between-two. But it's true than one can be surprised by the rather heavy blues domirant of the times. Procol was not far to be pre-stoner on some tracks. I found this bootleg on BB Chronicles. I was not able to improve its sound quality but I'm sure it could be done.


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Dominique Briois said...

many thanks to you DKELVIN for this pure treasure
from a french Procolmaniac, Dom