Robyn Hitchcock & Johnny Marr - Ordinary Millionaire fake 7" (2010)

Johnny Marr has always been one my fave composer/guitarist and the work he's done with the Smiths can be considered as a musical treasure for humanity (and fuck off with their US folky songwriters that could make me drop dead as soon as they try to tune their guitar). Unfortunately, his post-Smiths career has been quite a disaster. In offering this song (except lyrics) to Robyn Hitchcock, a genius I'm sure you know that (no ? "pauvre de vous"), and in playing it with him, he shows that he's still a great great musician and both they release one of the gems of the year. Driven from the Propellor Time LP released in March 2010, a less satisfactory album than the splendid last year's Goodnight Oslo, it must be noted that this LP was actually recorded in 2006 (read a great interview of RH here, it's not the usual load of stupid mouth bullshit you can read eg. "Much of our unhappiness stems from our isolation, as Lennon sings so beautifully. If we are trapped in the illusion of our own identity, as we are inevitably sealed in the compartments of our own bodies, then we are lonely lamps waiting to be extinguished"), so before Goodnight Oslo. Strange Robyn Hitchcock waited so long to issue it with such "invités" than Johnny Marr and also John Paul Jones playing mandolin on the B-side of this fake 7", a wonderfull Dylanesque song called "Born on the Wind" (in streaming below since I post the "Ordinary Millionaire" clip). I created this DIM cover sleeve from pictures by Sundew, a very interesting eastern photograph very Jan Saudek-influenced, you can find the site here. And don't miss the Robyn Hitchcock news here. And last, enjoy this fake single for your summer there.

I just try to do whatever I can And if I should cry, well you know I’m only a man To say you’re only human To say you’re just a man What does that mean?‘Cause I checked out, and it’s easy to be a half A half of nothing But another man in a scarf Avoiding confrontations, don’t look me in the eye When I’m looking at you Are you doing the Caesar? I always find a reckoning Always find you beckoning towards me in the air You embrace me in your memory You were young and NME and I was in my hair I’m not an ordinary millionaire I, said the skull, I was bound to end up this way I’ve got no love ‘Cause it’s not in my DNA You say you’re only human My, what big eyes you have! When you’re looking at me Are you doing the Caesar? I don’t know what you’ve done to me I don’t know what you want from me I only know you’re there I don’t know where you’ve gone from me I know you don’t belong to me I only know you’re there I’m not an ordinary million I’m not an ordinary million I’m not an ordinary millionaire .


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