Shocking Blue - Dream On Dreamer / Where The Pick-Nick Was 7" (1974)

For this re-up I got the original cover sleeve of the single but it's not even sure this single was released in Netherland. It was time things stop since Robbie Van Leeuwen seemed out of inspiration. The band would go on one more year without him but it would be a waste of time and vinyl. Next I'll post the compilation of all the singles on a A's & B's album. But you had them separated. I like it since it allows to songs to exist by themselves some days at least. Catch this last one here.

Here's the 15th and last Shocking Blue single of the Robbie Van Leeuwen/Mariska Veres era. It was clear that RvL was at the end of his creative process with the band since the 2 sides are quite weak. The single would not chart either and this surely contributed to decide RvL to quit. We were at the beginning of 1974 and after 6 years the duo was finally off. Sad it was with this one. The cover sleeve is probably not the single but the LP but I failed to find the original 7" one (and this is one of the rare SB single I don't have in my disco). I'll try to compile an A's and B's compilation of these 15 singles, the A's  and B's album that you can find mix all the periods without any caution of the release order (I hate that) and include pre-Mariska and post RvL singles. The band will actually go on about a year with a new guy on guitar and composition but without being a total disaster, it had not the special SB's touch. The show was over. Hope you appreciated it if you were not too familiar with this underrated band that lacked the ambition to reach a better historical status.

Dream on dreamer And tell me 'bout the secrets of your soul. Your lips still there, a mysterious smile And the reason why I wanna know. Dream on dreamer And tell me 'bout the feeling in your mind. I'm so [...] just to know right now What will happen and what has been. Maybe there's loving in your heart And you tell me that we will never part. Maybe an ocean of love is waiting for me. Dream on dreamer And tell me 'bout the secrets of your soul. Your lips still there, a mysterious smile And the reason why I wanna know.


musicyoucan said...

The link is dead. Can you re-upload it please ?
Thanks You

Hamster said...

You've done a very fine job bringing us these individual singles - and now you're going to put together an As & Bs album. Outstanding! You spoil us. Lots of thanks.

musicyoucan said...

Merci beaucoup pour ces rechargements.
Les pochettes et tenues des musiciens sont assez incroyables maintenant en 2017. C'est aussi tout le charme de se replonger dans l'art musical des années 1970.
Merci pour ton blog qui foisonne de trésors.
Pas étonnant pour un ancien de Crossroad.
La presse musicale française est assez pitoyable maintenant.
Mais bon Philippe Manoeuvre, vu à la Télé sur France 2, a l'air très content de lui en tant que rédacteur en chef récemment retraité. J'ai lu tout les R&F du numéro 1 à 100, mais après je m'en suis lassé.
Bonne suite pour ton blog

dkelvin said...

Merci pour les commentaires. Oui, dommage que Cross/Xroads n'ait pas continué. Je n'étais pas toujours très amateur de la musique qui y était vantée mais au moins il y avait de la diversité, du contenu et pas du digest de niche. Mais c'est comme ça.