Shocking Blue - Eve And The Apple / When I Was A Girl 7" (1972)

Let's go back to our Shocking Blue singles re-up series. Third single of 1972 and third great A-side. If musically the singles' year was a complete success, commercially the band failed to regain their previous year level. The single made quite well in Netherland, France and Belgium but the other countries were no more promised land for our dutch heroes. Anyway, now the importance is what remains of that, and that's 2 good and unfortunately forgotten songs. The reason they are here tonight.

In december 1972, Shocking Blue released this 12th single A-sided by an excellent song called "Eve & the Apple". This will allow them to stay in the Nederland charts but not to get back in the charts anywhere else. Sad once again because the production is strong and this track could have been a Xmas hit. But it seemed the Shocking Blue times were over and that they would stay a national glory. This is all the more a pity that the B-side is a song full of pathos showing Robbie van Leeuwen could succeed even in a more melodramatic domain. So, in brief, another forgotten treasure from this great band.


musicyoucan said...

The link is dead. Can you re-upload it please ?
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Hamster said...

Great stuff - thanks for sharing!