Thou - Summit (2010)

With each record (EP or LP), Thou improves his art and this last one is a kind of summum in sort, an achievement for sure in which you immerse like in a river of black mud (what all oil industries will do with water on earth if we let these bastards free to win shitfull amount of money). "Another World is Inevitable" says one title of this album. It's a way to put a little light in this bleak sound tunnel and doomed future that is ours (mine is to be soon dead but I think of those who'll stay). Honestly, Thou is incredibly good at what they do. Not many to compete. It's doom, sludge but still much more, it's emotive music, not the emotions you'd like to feel but they're the ones you feel so I'll say it's highly relevant. And they even provide a doom equivalent of Alfred Schnittke in "Summit Revisited". If you come here for old rarities from some underrated great ancients, be kind to the current ones. And Thou sure are. Hands up and end joy this masterpiece freshly released here.


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