Tinsel Teeth - Live on The American Dream Radio Show (2010)

What else to say that listen and shake your head (or whatever you want to shake, it's no harm for anyone) on this 25 min of Stephanie's furia, not forgetting her 3 1st class and half-naked noise-makers of our trouble times. Thanx to Shiny Grey Monotone here for making this show available. Usually I try not to post something freshly posted elsewhere but for Tinsel Teeth (and some other faves of mine) I do it. No streaming since there's not space between songs. Songs are 1) Dirty Dozen Eggs, 2) Danielle (new song not recorded) 3) Like rubber sniffing glue 4) Failure to Perform (funny name when you see them play live) 5) Horizontal Hustle (new song not recorded). Enjoy it here.

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