Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby - Men in Sandals fake 7" (2008)

Most of my life, I've hated to see any human wearing sandals. These late years, I finally found some pleasure in seing female feet in these open shoes (but both feet and shoes must have some esthaetic qualities) and I can now see the sexcitating dimension of women in sandals. But men definitively not. I can become verbally aggressive if one of them dares to go in town (particularily in Paris) with their naked toes (and often with short pants, just in case we had doubt about their hairy legs). Since it's the time for this visual epidemy (without any known vaccination), I exorcize my angryness with this Wreckless Eric song that was on his album with Amy Rigby released 2 years ago (a new one is on the way) that the great jfg (yes, the jfg of this LP here) indicated me and sent me. For the cover sleeve, I was happy to find this picture that fits perfectly well with my (and Wreckless) intention. Learn it and sing it when you're passing by one of these ugly homosapiens ignoring that between naked feet and covered feet, all else is ugly. Enjoy this fake single (with a stomping B-side called "First Mate") here.


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hellomudda said...

Try walking around Perth Western Australia in Summer without wearing Sandals! It doesn't matter here how cool you are you still do it I promise you. The only uncool thing is to wear socks as well, which is so English...
I do see where you're coming from but what's uncool in Paris can be cool somewhere else.
Fond regards.