Lords of Bukkake - Desorden Y Rencor (2010)

Tonight, I'm feeling like a load of bukkake on whom pigs with men faces cum. So it's a perfect time for this album. If you want to buy one of the most extreme and good LPs of the year, don't hesitate, buy this one by Lords of Bukkake. They're from Spain (their myspace here), a country being, like France, more and more the craddle of the best sludge bands in the world. Here we got a mix between sludge and Khanate and it's really perfect for evenings like these ones. I'm sure some of you will find here reasons to peace their hate against everyone, and worst, against themselves. Thanks to them to exist. Enjoy it here (and buy then to have the real sound).



Paul & Barry Ryan - Reincarnation games fake LP (1974)

After 1972, Barry Ryan released few singles and no more LPs (at least I think so but maybe my sources are wrong). Strangely, his brother Paul sang again and at least the singles were released under their 2 names such as in the sixties or only by Paul Ryan. The music is not totally different but of course the orchestral oceans are reduced to some Beatlesian arrangements (he will go back to this "grandiloquence" for his 1976 LP Scorpio Rising). Here, I gathered in a same fake LP the 8 songs I possess, from various vinyl compilations or singles. Are missing some of them but maybe one day I'll put my hand on them and post them here. I chose a front and a back cover sleeve with some difficulties but I feel they fit quite well with the content. The front is from a talented young girl form Krakow called Basia Konczarek (her gallery on DeviantArt here) and the back from Gary Isaacs (his site there) from which I will surely post some pictures on Scoptophilia some days. Enjoy this addition to previous Ryans post here.

In streaming the superb eponymous song.


Below, a TV appearance of Paul, bearded, singing the fine "Born On A Beautiful Day" that would have deserved to be a hit.


Golden Earring - Radar Love 7" (1973)

With this 6th single, in August 1973, Golden Earring reaches the golden goose, with the eternal risk to become one hit wonders, but anyway, better to have an international hit that not to have, and "Radar Love" will be their "Venus" (comparison with Shocking Blue just because both groups are from Nederlands of course). I agree that "Radar Love" is everything but a forgotten song since hundred of bands (even Ministry) covered it but the B-side, "The Song Is Over", a George Kooymans-composed and sung song, is rather hard to find, never appearing on any compilation except the 1st part of the Complete Singles Collection (but where to find this 2 LP, personally, I can't). Thanx to Taxi Do Meseca blog here for this B-side (I ripped "Radar Love" from my CD in 320 kb) and for the lyrics. All in all, a classic single (I talk about "Radar Love"), what we can call a standard, those songs that seem not to have been composed, but to have always existed. It's rare and precious. Golden Earring will succeed in doing better songs but never such a standard. Enjoy this couple of songs here. First "The Song is Over" in streaming.


The Song Is Over. For you I say I'll praise the sun Tell the colour of the sky Find new roads in the universe Sing a lullaby More pure than fruit Grown out of dirt So close to me You robbed me of my strangerhood And flew away to be free The song is over the song is over now The singer { is gonna say goodbye} said goodbye There is doomsday on my mind Baby baby, sing me one more time Close to my ear Mellow tone vibrations come Sadness disappear Do it to me once again Before you say goodbye Embrace me softly with your smile And smile a last goodbye I close my eyes and sail away The jukebox played your song today Tomorrow holds me like you're yesterday I can't forget what you used to say Open your eyes and live my love You see it's not me you're dreaming of Although it seems so important now Singing makes it all so good somehow

And below some visual shots of "Radar Love", guaranteed vintage 70's

And don't miss this extraordinary live version!!!


The Misanthrope Project - Your World Is Sickening (2009)

If you're in doom & sludge (let's say Sleep and Buzzov'en), either this album is one of your fave or it will become as soon as you'll dl it. Honestly, after listening to this style for more than 20 years (40 if you count the first Black Sabbath in), this album stands proudly as one of the most powerfull and impressive I'd the chance to listen to. Unfortunately, the band, the aggregation of members of various bands, doesn't exist anymore. Don't know why but they're damned wrong to have disbanded such a fantastic common force. It's always interesting, not a single weak time, no self indulgence, a true masterpiece. And the last piece, the 18 min "Crushing cops head's in with a skateboard, suicide by cop" will leave you shaken as if you had really received a skate in the head. Yes our world is sickening, but it allows such bands to create such sickening musical equivalent and that's precious. To vomite the world on sickened nights, enjoy it here.



No, this blog is not one of these forgotten blogs we can find everywhere on the web but only closed while we're away and unable to post. We'll be back, if there's no lethal accident, on 08/22. Have a happy vinylic time.

Golden Earring - Stand By Me 7" (1972)

In the autum of 1972, the band releases this non album track on the A-side of a single, a strange choice since it sounds more as a filling than a standard (it was a minor hit in Nederland but their lowest place in 3 years). With a sort of mixed influence of the Rolling Stones / Alice Cooper / the Who/ Led Zeppelin (strangely more the style these ones will develop in 1975), it's not bad but a little laborious. There is also something of what will be "Highway To Hell". The B-side is much better since it is the opening track of the album Together, one of the best tracks of the whole (reason why I put it in streaming). About a scoptophilian, it is perfect for this blog there, in case you didn't know I also manage it. Enjoy this single here. Sorry no iconography from this period or too weak quality to be posted. It is paradoxical since the only time I saw the band live was during their tour with the Who this same year (and Rough Mix was with me, we were kids but as passionate of music as we are today, if someone had told me that 38 years later, I would write about them on a virtual paper that anyone in the world could read, and able to propose the songs free for listening, I would have surely not believed it).



Golden Earring - Buddy Joe 7" (1972)

This 4th single of our series was associated with the Together album issued in may 1972. Not a really satisfying LP and a strangely poppy song for the band on the A-side, not far from what the Shocking Blue were doing at the times ("Inkpot" had been a hit 3 months before, and it's maybe the reason why there is a sitar on "Buddy Joe"). Sung by George Kooymans and not by Barry Hay, it must have been quite delicate to live for the latter. The song was however a minor hit in Nederland. The B-side is an album track (the second of the 1st side) "Avalanche of Love" (in streaming below), and is much better although nothing of what the band is remembered for. Enjoy it here. And 3 different sleeves for this one.



Noscrape - Demo 08 (2008)

If you like your sludge Melvinian (they toured with them in Italy) and Sleepian, this Italian band will become one of your new fave. Strange they have only released 3 demo EP/LP with such an idiosyncrasic stylish sludge, totally their own, loud, powerful, insane for sure and able to take you in a noman's mind with long instrumental landscapes that are not dissimilar to the most adventurous acid Krautrock of the 70's (in particular on "The Room of Smoke"). Sometimes they even sound as Ramleh or the Skullflower of Xaman (on the 30 min long 3rd track). Surely one of the most exciting discovery for me this year in this genre (with Huata and UFO Gestapo, France and Italy seem to be the new sludge kingdoms, nothing surprising with the loads of shit we have at the head of these 2 countries, it's a good time to see everything as fecal). Hope they'll soon find some label (I suggest a label for these 3 bands and the start of a new wave of the dirtiest and craziest sludge ever made... if I had time and money, sure I would like to do it, hell yes). Meanwhile, jump here into this hour of pure delicious depressed sonor ocean, I'm sure you won't regret it.


Golden Earring - She Flies On Strange Wings (1971)

This 3rd single of our series has been issued with their Seven Tears LP in september 1971. Being 7:30 long, it was decided to split it in 2 parts, one on each side. Not a so strange choice since long songs split in 2 parts were common at the times (Chicago or SAHB did that) although it was rather stupid for listeners. Moreover, most of (maybe all)the CD editions of the songs on compilations only offer the 1st part of the song. The long version can be found on the Seven Tears LP of course. This is what you'll find here. "She Flies On Strange Wings" is far to be a fave of mine, too Santana for me, and the lyrics are quite weak but it's not bad either. You can listen to the song below. It's a vintage clip as you'll see.


Golden Earring - Holy Holy Life 7" (1971)

In the beginning of 1971, is issued this second Golden Earring single of our series, neither side being on albums, so that the B-side, "Jessica", is rather hard to find and, to my knowledge, has never been released on any CD. So this is an opportunity to listen to this fantastic song, one of their best, with a Free-inspired muddy atmosphere and a perfect climax for amateurs of swampy rock (whatever it means). This is a rip from my vinyl single but honestly, this time, it's quite difficult to know. The A-side, "Holy Holy Life" is still played by the band today and has been quite a hit in Nederland in February 1971 (n°5). The Rolling Stones could have sued them cos' it is really similar to "Live With Me", but since now every heavy band do his job on such rip off, what's the hell. Enjoy it here.


The pictures below are from a concert of the band this same year.


Golden Earring - Back Home 7" (1970)

Here the first of a series of singles from a Dutch band (another one after Shocking Blue), Golden Earring (yes the creators of "Radar Love" but there's much more) a band I really was fond of during the late 70's. On several singles, there was a B-side unissued on the album and most of them have never been released on various reissues or compilations. Strange. And no A's & B's LP to find them. There'll be 10 I think, in chronological order. I'll start with the first one with the complete line-up on it, Rinus Gerritsen being the last to come with the Wall of Dolls LP in 1970 from which this single is drawn. Since the B-side was, either on the US or UK version (different songs I included in the rar file), on the album, sorry not to give a rarity with this one but it'll be with the second. "Back Home" is not considered as a classic of the band although it is one of their highest chart position is in their native land of Nederland (n°1 for 5 weeks during the summer of 1970). The 2 B-side tracks are rather slow and calm but fine too. Both sung by George Kooymans the guitarist and main composer of the band, this is quite disturbing since it's not really the same band than when the great Barry Hay sings, but with a sort of Keith Richards meets Dave Kusworth flavor, it's not unpleasant and melodies are quite good. Enjoy it here. It was exactly 40 years ago (goosh).

No streaming but 2 video clips (if you can call these cheapy things video clips) of "Back Home". Never found the one in grass without a delay between mouth and words.


Al Kooper - A Possible Projection of the Future / Childhood's End (1972)

Al kooper is one of the most underrated musician and composer, often constrained in rock history for his roles with Bob Dylan, Blood Sweat & Tears or Jimi Hendrix. But he has a career of his own with 9 albums recorded and issued between 1968 and 1977, and this one, his 5th, released in 1972, is among the most scandalously forgotten of them all. Somewhere between McCartney (for the melodies and musical atmosphere), George Harrison (for the guitar and the climax), Todd Rundgren (when he covers old soul standards) and Kim Fowley (for the amateurish way he sometimes sings, this album having a sort of International Heroes flavor), this projection of him 50 years later is a fine demonstration of the mugnificence inspiration was in these years. Sad that Sony never accepted to release properly these album. In this one, there are enough gems to call it a classic, specially the eponymous title and "Love Trap" (in streaming below) that they should have released as a single instead of the Curtis Mayfield reprise of "The Monkey Time" cos' it was a wrong choice in 1972, even if the version is excellent. Interestingly, the album is recorded in London, at George Martin's Air studio, with English session men such as future T. Rex Herbie Flower on drums. This gives the album a fine English glam atmosphere. As you can see above, it is a Japanese version. Recently, Al Kooper was authorized to pack 50 songs for a box set called 50/50 and you can find some of them in it. Do justice to them in dl it here and spread the news around until Sony's ears catch there's a need to reissue them soon.

Al Kooper in 1973

Al Kooper in 2009