Al Kooper - A Possible Projection of the Future / Childhood's End (1972)

Al kooper is one of the most underrated musician and composer, often constrained in rock history for his roles with Bob Dylan, Blood Sweat & Tears or Jimi Hendrix. But he has a career of his own with 9 albums recorded and issued between 1968 and 1977, and this one, his 5th, released in 1972, is among the most scandalously forgotten of them all. Somewhere between McCartney (for the melodies and musical atmosphere), George Harrison (for the guitar and the climax), Todd Rundgren (when he covers old soul standards) and Kim Fowley (for the amateurish way he sometimes sings, this album having a sort of International Heroes flavor), this projection of him 50 years later is a fine demonstration of the mugnificence inspiration was in these years. Sad that Sony never accepted to release properly these album. In this one, there are enough gems to call it a classic, specially the eponymous title and "Love Trap" (in streaming below) that they should have released as a single instead of the Curtis Mayfield reprise of "The Monkey Time" cos' it was a wrong choice in 1972, even if the version is excellent. Interestingly, the album is recorded in London, at George Martin's Air studio, with English session men such as future T. Rex Herbie Flower on drums. This gives the album a fine English glam atmosphere. As you can see above, it is a Japanese version. Recently, Al Kooper was authorized to pack 50 songs for a box set called 50/50 and you can find some of them in it. Do justice to them in dl it here and spread the news around until Sony's ears catch there's a need to reissue them soon.

Al Kooper in 1973

Al Kooper in 2009


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