Paul & Barry Ryan - Reincarnation games fake LP (1974)

After 1972, Barry Ryan released few singles and no more LPs (at least I think so but maybe my sources are wrong). Strangely, his brother Paul sang again and at least the singles were released under their 2 names such as in the sixties or only by Paul Ryan. The music is not totally different but of course the orchestral oceans are reduced to some Beatlesian arrangements (he will go back to this "grandiloquence" for his 1976 LP Scorpio Rising). Here, I gathered in a same fake LP the 8 songs I possess, from various vinyl compilations or singles. Are missing some of them but maybe one day I'll put my hand on them and post them here. I chose a front and a back cover sleeve with some difficulties but I feel they fit quite well with the content. The front is from a talented young girl form Krakow called Basia Konczarek (her gallery on DeviantArt here) and the back from Gary Isaacs (his site there) from which I will surely post some pictures on Scoptophilia some days. Enjoy this addition to previous Ryans post here.

In streaming the superb eponymous song.


Below, a TV appearance of Paul, bearded, singing the fine "Born On A Beautiful Day" that would have deserved to be a hit.


Anonymous said...

Thanks man ! I'm on a huge Barry Ryan kick since I found your blog !
Can't wait to hear these tracks !
Your blog ROCKS !

- Buck

Daremo "Dude" Sensanome said...

The material that you sharing with us is extraordinary valuable, as it's a good attempt of this twins not known in the net until now.

Seamus said...

Many thanks for this - very much appreciated.

Seamus said...

A word also about the covers you've used for this compilation - they're absolutely excellent. The front cover in particular is really beautiful.

dkelvin said...

Thx a lot for your supporting comments. Yes it's true the image is perfect for a cover sleeve. And it's a great achievement for me to have been able to reconstitute much (but unfortunately not exhaustively) the discography of Barry Ryan (and Paul for the latter).

montysmusic said...

any chance of re-upping this fine looking album?