Golden Earring - Back Home 7" (1970)

Here the first of a series of singles from a Dutch band (another one after Shocking Blue), Golden Earring (yes the creators of "Radar Love" but there's much more) a band I really was fond of during the late 70's. On several singles, there was a B-side unissued on the album and most of them have never been released on various reissues or compilations. Strange. And no A's & B's LP to find them. There'll be 10 I think, in chronological order. I'll start with the first one with the complete line-up on it, Rinus Gerritsen being the last to come with the Wall of Dolls LP in 1970 from which this single is drawn. Since the B-side was, either on the US or UK version (different songs I included in the rar file), on the album, sorry not to give a rarity with this one but it'll be with the second. "Back Home" is not considered as a classic of the band although it is one of their highest chart position is in their native land of Nederland (n°1 for 5 weeks during the summer of 1970). The 2 B-side tracks are rather slow and calm but fine too. Both sung by George Kooymans the guitarist and main composer of the band, this is quite disturbing since it's not really the same band than when the great Barry Hay sings, but with a sort of Keith Richards meets Dave Kusworth flavor, it's not unpleasant and melodies are quite good. Enjoy it here. It was exactly 40 years ago (goosh).

No streaming but 2 video clips (if you can call these cheapy things video clips) of "Back Home". Never found the one in grass without a delay between mouth and words.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the links and info - particularly the rare 70s live recordings. I had no idea their set list differed so much from the classic 1977 Live album, great to hear these tracks!

MNb said...

Barry Hay sings Back Home.