Golden Earring - Buddy Joe 7" (1972)

This 4th single of our series was associated with the Together album issued in may 1972. Not a really satisfying LP and a strangely poppy song for the band on the A-side, not far from what the Shocking Blue were doing at the times ("Inkpot" had been a hit 3 months before, and it's maybe the reason why there is a sitar on "Buddy Joe"). Sung by George Kooymans and not by Barry Hay, it must have been quite delicate to live for the latter. The song was however a minor hit in Nederland. The B-side is an album track (the second of the 1st side) "Avalanche of Love" (in streaming below), and is much better although nothing of what the band is remembered for. Enjoy it here. And 3 different sleeves for this one.


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