Golden Earring - Holy Holy Life 7" (1971)

In the beginning of 1971, is issued this second Golden Earring single of our series, neither side being on albums, so that the B-side, "Jessica", is rather hard to find and, to my knowledge, has never been released on any CD. So this is an opportunity to listen to this fantastic song, one of their best, with a Free-inspired muddy atmosphere and a perfect climax for amateurs of swampy rock (whatever it means). This is a rip from my vinyl single but honestly, this time, it's quite difficult to know. The A-side, "Holy Holy Life" is still played by the band today and has been quite a hit in Nederland in February 1971 (n°5). The Rolling Stones could have sued them cos' it is really similar to "Live With Me", but since now every heavy band do his job on such rip off, what's the hell. Enjoy it here.


The pictures below are from a concert of the band this same year.


Casper Roos said...

Hi, great Golden Earring photo's! Do you know where and when they were taken? Do you have any more pictures from this or other Golden Earring concerts? Please contact me at casper.roos@wanadoo.nl

Casper Roos (Golden Earring Research website)

dk said...

I found them here http://www.memoire60-70.be/AgenceCentury/Free_show_juin1971.htm
There are 2 or 3 more. I should have said that in the post. I have some from a show in Lyon (France), during their tour with the Who in 1972, but I think they are poor and I don't know where to find them actually