Golden Earring - Radar Love 7" (1973)

With this 6th single, in August 1973, Golden Earring reaches the golden goose, with the eternal risk to become one hit wonders, but anyway, better to have an international hit that not to have, and "Radar Love" will be their "Venus" (comparison with Shocking Blue just because both groups are from Nederlands of course). I agree that "Radar Love" is everything but a forgotten song since hundred of bands (even Ministry) covered it but the B-side, "The Song Is Over", a George Kooymans-composed and sung song, is rather hard to find, never appearing on any compilation except the 1st part of the Complete Singles Collection (but where to find this 2 LP, personally, I can't). Thanx to Taxi Do Meseca blog here for this B-side (I ripped "Radar Love" from my CD in 320 kb) and for the lyrics. All in all, a classic single (I talk about "Radar Love"), what we can call a standard, those songs that seem not to have been composed, but to have always existed. It's rare and precious. Golden Earring will succeed in doing better songs but never such a standard. Enjoy this couple of songs here. First "The Song is Over" in streaming.


The Song Is Over. For you I say I'll praise the sun Tell the colour of the sky Find new roads in the universe Sing a lullaby More pure than fruit Grown out of dirt So close to me You robbed me of my strangerhood And flew away to be free The song is over the song is over now The singer { is gonna say goodbye} said goodbye There is doomsday on my mind Baby baby, sing me one more time Close to my ear Mellow tone vibrations come Sadness disappear Do it to me once again Before you say goodbye Embrace me softly with your smile And smile a last goodbye I close my eyes and sail away The jukebox played your song today Tomorrow holds me like you're yesterday I can't forget what you used to say Open your eyes and live my love You see it's not me you're dreaming of Although it seems so important now Singing makes it all so good somehow

And below some visual shots of "Radar Love", guaranteed vintage 70's

And don't miss this extraordinary live version!!!


rough mix said...

C'est à peu près cette version auquel nous avons eu droit ce soir là
(en guest band..)


roberto said...

Really a great song,i was 13 at the time and this song gave me an unknown feel...the live version is fantastic(and the girls in the crowd too...)cheers

dk said...

Yes, true, great song and great live version (and great girl too I agree, I hope she can see her now, she might think she was gorgeous and it will be good for her mental). Thanx for the comment, I appreciate.