Golden Earring - She Flies On Strange Wings (1971)

This 3rd single of our series has been issued with their Seven Tears LP in september 1971. Being 7:30 long, it was decided to split it in 2 parts, one on each side. Not a so strange choice since long songs split in 2 parts were common at the times (Chicago or SAHB did that) although it was rather stupid for listeners. Moreover, most of (maybe all)the CD editions of the songs on compilations only offer the 1st part of the song. The long version can be found on the Seven Tears LP of course. This is what you'll find here. "She Flies On Strange Wings" is far to be a fave of mine, too Santana for me, and the lyrics are quite weak but it's not bad either. You can listen to the song below. It's a vintage clip as you'll see.

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