Man - Live at the Rainbow (1972)

I'm very happy someone asked for this album to be re-up. A way to celebrate the great underrated musician Micky Jones was. In this short-lived version of Man, he was in charge of the leadership and this has always been my favorite period of the band (sorry for Deke Leonard but that's my humble opinion). So here it is, captured during the Be Good To Yourself tour. And never forget Man. Catch it here.

I just learned that Micky Jones died last March. Quite late indeed but I knew he had brain tumour for years and didn't go anymore on the Man main page. Cos' Micky Jones was one of the 2 leaders of the Welsh band Man, (the other being Deke Leonard) one of my fave bands, and a great composer, guitarist and singer, and, if I judge by the various testimonies (here, there, or there), a great man too. My fave period of the long Man story is actually the short one during which Deke Leonard had quitted the band, between 1972 and 1973. Micky Jones was therefore the only captain of the ship and conducted the band in long sets of semi-instrumentals that are as exciting today than at the times they were composed. No many bands have succeeded in that difficult exercise. This is during this period this concert was recorded. Actually the LP (a bootleg) could have been entitled Be Good To Yourself At Least Once A Day Live since the setlist is the same than this studio album, my fave of the band. It's the quintessence of what US west coast sound mixed with brit rock could produce. And don't forget Terry Williams on drums, one of my 5 fave drummers of all times (with BJ Wilson, Ian Paice, Stuart Elliott and Dale Crover).



zappahead said...

''We might not be the best band in the world....but we certainly smoke the most dope!!!!''...that was the refrain fron the band at this concert...remember it well.Thanks for the memories and the share.....cheers.

Hesdorfs Blogg said...

Holy shit!!!!
Fantasic that´s still someone out there who, just like me. loves Man, QMS, D. Leonard, May Blitz a.s.o.

I just gonna upload some concerts videos with Man on my Veoh cannal.
För evryone who´s intresed
Just go to "VEOH" and browse for: "hesdorf56" and you will find my Veoh cannal.

Just feel free to download em´and keep on sharing.


dk said...

You're welcome MAN !!!

Anonymous said...

I would love to get hold of the great Man posts, my mouth's watering:
But, i have nothing to do with rapidshare. Any alternatives?

dkelvin said...

You don't have to have something to do with rapidshare to dl it. But I'll upload this on mediafire for convenience.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks from this old Man fan.bob-bwild

Flo said...

could you please re-upload this one? :)

dkelvin said...

With pleasure. I do it right now.

Flo said...

thank you very much! :)

if you have leisure, you could upload the other man stuff, again. that would be really great!

but i don't want to bother you! ;)

maybe i'll eat a banana while listening to the rainbow gig :P

Ansina said...

Anyone who lists BJ Wilson as one of his all-time favorite drummers gets all my respect!

dkelvin said...

Same for me. This drummer was no less than fascinating. Happy to see I'm not alone to put him so high in the hierarchy.

Anonymous said...

"temporary error,..." :-(