The Misanthrope Project - Your World Is Sickening (2009)

If you're in doom & sludge (let's say Sleep and Buzzov'en), either this album is one of your fave or it will become as soon as you'll dl it. Honestly, after listening to this style for more than 20 years (40 if you count the first Black Sabbath in), this album stands proudly as one of the most powerfull and impressive I'd the chance to listen to. Unfortunately, the band, the aggregation of members of various bands, doesn't exist anymore. Don't know why but they're damned wrong to have disbanded such a fantastic common force. It's always interesting, not a single weak time, no self indulgence, a true masterpiece. And the last piece, the 18 min "Crushing cops head's in with a skateboard, suicide by cop" will leave you shaken as if you had really received a skate in the head. Yes our world is sickening, but it allows such bands to create such sickening musical equivalent and that's precious. To vomite the world on sickened nights, enjoy it here.

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