Noscrape - Demo 08 (2008)

If you like your sludge Melvinian (they toured with them in Italy) and Sleepian, this Italian band will become one of your new fave. Strange they have only released 3 demo EP/LP with such an idiosyncrasic stylish sludge, totally their own, loud, powerful, insane for sure and able to take you in a noman's mind with long instrumental landscapes that are not dissimilar to the most adventurous acid Krautrock of the 70's (in particular on "The Room of Smoke"). Sometimes they even sound as Ramleh or the Skullflower of Xaman (on the 30 min long 3rd track). Surely one of the most exciting discovery for me this year in this genre (with Huata and UFO Gestapo, France and Italy seem to be the new sludge kingdoms, nothing surprising with the loads of shit we have at the head of these 2 countries, it's a good time to see everything as fecal). Hope they'll soon find some label (I suggest a label for these 3 bands and the start of a new wave of the dirtiest and craziest sludge ever made... if I had time and money, sure I would like to do it, hell yes). Meanwhile, jump here into this hour of pure delicious depressed sonor ocean, I'm sure you won't regret it.


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