Alfred Schnittke - Requiem

After the massacre in Paris yesterday night (I live there, actually I lived in Paris until last year, I live now in the cheaper east suburb, one of those ones full of immigrates where there were riots 10 years ago, but I feel good there, although it may change), there's nothing better I could re-up that this Schnittke Requiem. Except that death here was caused by fucking religion obscurantism and not by some uncurable disease (but human is the worst disease). Music to back mourning for those who feel sad like I feel. For angst there's other stuff and I'll post it soon. Here.

The year Golden Earring released the Switch album, Alfred Schnittke finished his sublime Requiem, one of the doomest piece of music of the century. Here is a great version by the Swedish Radio Choir conducted by Tonu Kaljuste. Not all the available versions are that good but this one is truly thrilling. The quiet intro and outro do not prepare the listener to the terrorizing atmosphere of the piece, closer to Mussorgsky or Carl Orff than to Faure or Mozart. Any doom fan should have listened to that once in lifetime. Maybe an occasion to explore so-called classical music and find other way to vibrate to music sharing death themas with doom. This recording was issued on an album with Miserere from Henryk Gorecki on Caprice. I chose to invent a fake LP with only the Requiem on it but I encourage you to buy the album.

Difficult to select a piece of the whole for the streaming so I chose the introït ("Requiem Aeternam", also the outro) that makes me shivering like if I laid naked in the winter snow so it's it I chose.



chris_c said...

thanks, can't wait to give this a blast!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the right music to wash away the terrible night of Friday in Paris... I was actually at the Bataclan one week before to listen to Nina Hagen and one of my sons was at the Bastille on Friday night.
Shivering inside,
Thank you for sharing this music.
Derek from Paris (in fact south east suburbs).

Anonymous said...

What are some really good songs?
Hello by Adele

Jack Edward said...

Anybody like these songs or bands?
10 - Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi
10 - Ray LaMontagne - Forever My Friend
10 - Beatles - I Am The Walrus
10 - Rico - Midnight in Ethiopia
10 - Hooverphonic - Renaissance Affair
10 - Lemon Jelly - '64 (Go)
10 - The White Birch - Beauty King
10 - Sister Flo - White Noise
10 - Cornershop - We're In Yr Corner
10 - John Stanford - The Edge
10 - Porcupine Tree - Point 3 (.3)
Jonny Hopkins - I.D.G.A.F.I.Y.L.M.O.N