Golden Earring - Instant Poetry 7" (1974)

It was a real challenge to follow the mondial success of "Radar Love", and in April 1974 "Instant Poetry", their 7th single for this formation, was an attempt to do it. It failed although it reached n°3 in their native land. But more importantly, it showed the way on which the band was walking, and it was quite exciting. Even if the chorus is not a total success, the general tone is a mix between Led Zeppelin and Alice Cooper, and it surely works. A preparation for what will be the peak of creativity of the band. The B-side was a deception since it consisted in a recycled song from the album Together released 2 years earlier. I really hate that to have old anachronical songs on flipside of singles. It's important to specify that "Instant Poetry" is on none of the official albums of the band, but only in various singles compilations. A reason to enjoy it here.


A nice clip filmed in front of garbage with garbage sound.

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jayzee2001 said...


would you be able to upload the B-side of this single "From Heaven From Hell" as it is a different version than is on the "together" album and not available anywhere.

Many thanks in advance!