Golden Earring - Kill Me (Ce Soir) 7" (1975)

I will not hide this personal opinion: "Kill Me (Ce Soir)" is my fave Golden Earring song and, more than that, one of the most incredibly mind-shaking song ever written. The first time I heard it on a French radio, in January or February 1975 (terrible bad year for rock), I instantly felt caught and drowned by the oppressing atmosphere and the drama of the track. It's always a mystery when everything seems to be at best in a song when so many are failing here and there with weak parts, arrangements or instrument choices. The song contents some French lyrics with the invention of a non-existing word: "assassination" (pronounced "à la Française") when the right word is "assassinat", but finally it's OK with the "tion" at the end and it was not even a problem for me. The song was not the hit it deserved to be (but was in Nederland of course) and announced the great "Switch" album. A fifth member was added to the band in the person of Robert Jan Stips, future Nits, on keyboards and it was a very good idea and it brought a new sound richness. In brief, if you always skip my Golden Earring posts because it's not you cuppa blood, try to try for once in your life. The B-side consisted in "Lucky Number", a more than Stonian song (era Sticky Fingers) not featuring on the album and only available on the As & Bs Singles compilation. It's a nice rocker and worth to feature in a Golden Earring MP3graphy. Sorry for the sleeve, I don't have the single. Moreover, I put the long version of "Kill Me" and not the edit one (as in the TV clip below), it's criminal to fade this song before the 4th min as they did on the 7". Enjoy this double winner here.

Below "Lucky Number"



Anonymous said...

Pure quality

l&a said...

It's one of the song of my happy childhood, a master piece and above all this 7" version.