Groundhogs - Solid Live (1974)

Saw that this post was amongst the most viewed last week so I suppose some were looking for the upload album. I hope this re-up will please them. All I had to say about this concert capture and its compilation from various sources is detailed below. Catch it here.

Some weeks ago, a 3-CD compilation was released with the 3 LPs the band recorded for UA between 1972 and 1976 (Hogwash, Crosscut Saw and Black Diamond) and in which I had the surprise to find songs played at the Playhouse Theatre on the 23rd May 1974 that allowed me to complete the previously released songs from this concert. Thus, I added them to this live LP I had called Solid Live since most of the tracks I had gathered were from Solid, the album the band had released some weeks before the concert. Strangely, Solid was not issued on UA and it's the reason it is not on this 3-CD compilation. This additional songs are what we'd called band classics, with the famous parts 1 and 2 of "Split", "Ship On The Ocean" and "I Love Miss Ogyny" from Hogwash. It's now more than one hour of live music from one of the most abrasive and unclassifiable band of the seventies. And one that still talks to us today (at least to me). Enjoy it here. Below what I wrote in the first post.

Here we find the Groundhogs 2 years after the previous concert posted here. They became bleaker than ever and their Solid album explores the darkest sides of human brain associated with a really oppressive music. The blues is back again but makes a strange bridge between Hendrix and Gang of Four. On stage, in the tour to promote the LP, the band is much more compact and focussed on songs than they were and McPhee's solos are much noiser and less virtuoso than before. Here they play 4 songs from Solid and it's maybe my fave live recording of the band (but some done in 1976 are also great). These tracks were released on a 2-set album issued in 1994 and compiling a 1972 concert (with the old formation) and this one, reunited because recorded for BBC Radio One. But the 15 min version of "Soldier" was not included and could only be found on the remastered CD version of Thanks Christ For The Bomb. Here, I gathered all the available tracks from this concert. If you know other ones I would have missed, thanks to tell in comments, I'd tried to add them. This is really great testimony of the band, playing in 1974 a style that would have surely been more popular in 1977 or in the onset of grunge.

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shadreck said...

looking forward to hearing this live set. Thanks

chris_c said...

thanks! looks great, will let my brother know!

Anonymous said...

How did you decide the track order? Do you know the actual set list and order for this performance? I ask because your order differs from an assemblage of these tracks I have from other sources.

dkelvin said...

My position was to put all the Solid tracks together as I would have liked the band to play (I was always kind to bands to offer their new stuff in sets and not spread it through older material). But I think the order you got is the good one. Since I had no "solid" references bout the playlist, I decided to make it my way (knowing the band always closed their sets with "Split" and "Soldier")

AussieRock said...

Hi dkelvin
Any chance you might be able to reupload this one please.
Rapidshare seem to have removed this post (contrary to their name) - perhaps they should call themselves Rapidremove instead !
Thanks in advance
Cheers from DownUnder

dkelvin said...

Follow the link at the end of the first paragraph, it goes on M. All my rs links are dead cos' my account has been removed.