Groundhogs - The Stockholm Radio Session (1976)

I'm so down that Free and Groundhogs music can enter again in my life. In particular this rude, raw and angry side of Groundhogs, when the band has ceased to be a blues-band with virtuoso-guitar player and had become an unidentified and weird rock-vehicle playing a bitter and sharp rock that will provide the foundations of grunge 10 years later. This testimony, captured at Stockholm (great Danish-radios who had the idea to record concerts and provided a lot of important live documents) shows how the band sounded in these post-glory days. Catch it here

Six months after their spring UK tour, they begin Autumn with a radio session in Sweden. But meanwhile, the band has still changed. First, of guitarist, Wellbelove being changed for Rick Adams, then of album since they recorded and released the rather weak Black Diamond, and last of style, not that they now played prog or punk (the latter that will eject them from the club circuit some weeks later after a last UK tour in November and December) but they were a more mainstream band than they used to be the previous years. So, this session is a little disapointing compared to the previous live testimonies. Strangely, Mick Cook, the drummer, ceased to display his strange style and was there much more conventional. The 2 new songs do not reach the level of quality than McPhee had achieved for the last 4 years and it was clear than these were his swan songs. Nothing will be heard from him during the 7 further years. Sorry for the sound quality of this document (released on the double CD Hoggin' the Stage, the reason the cover sleeve was made just for this post) but I didn't find better one. Enjoy (at least for documentary) this set here.

Instreaming "Live Right", a song from Black Diamond played for the first time live during this session

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Jobe said...

Your right I have NEVER seen Live Right done live before. I would love to find the whole Black Diamond live somewhere. Do you know if they ever did the whole thing live?

dk said...

I've never found any live testimony of Black Diamond LP anywhere. But maybe someday.

ToneS said...

Great recording - tight, spontaneous, anarchic! Any chance of re-offering the Stockholm session?

ToneS said...

PS Excellent period cover photography art!