Man - Back Into The Future - The Complete Roundhouse Concert (1973)

A re-up from this band which is a weird pleasure for me since it doesn't really match my usual musical tastes but after all I love versatility. It's a line-up without Deke Leonard and maybe my fave Man line-up (sorry Deke). More details below. Catch this re-up here.

In 1973, Man is on an ascending curve. The Be Good To Yourself album has been a minor but real success, they are considered a great stage band and they are recording a new album with the future producer of the punk movement Vic Maile. They decide the album will be double, featuring a concert given at the Roundhouse in London on 24th June. They will drop the new songs from the album and will only leave 3 of them, not the best actually. Two years ago, a revised version of the album was released in a box set with the complete set and this is the one I post here. The band is in the same formation than for the concert recorded one year before and posted here. The last time since Mick Jones will disband a band that he felt was more and more the Phil Ryan one. So he will reunit with Deke Leonard the next year (always with the fantastic Terry Williams on drums, that you can appreciate the drumming genius all along the concert). But this is another story. Here we are 37 years ago (and some months), listening to Man, who invited a Welsh male choir to back them on "C'Mon" for a really good version. But "Bananas" (in streaming, with its famous lyrics "I like to eat bananas cos' they got no bones / I like to take marijuana cos' it gets me stoned") was also a great one. So let's go back into the past and enjoy the whole set.

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Any change for a re-up ?

A guy discovering Man in 2014 through you blog,
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Thanks for this re-up !
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