Man - The Single (I'm Dreaming) / The Symbol Who Came To Dinner aborted 7" (1973)

I'm in a Man period these days. Surely the recent death of Deke Leonard that made me jump again in their so hypnotic and interesting music. I forgot to re-up this aborted single so I do it. Note that I'll post some other ones in the next future when they had non-album tracks on A or B-sides. This one is really great (see the first presentation below) with a splendid and floating guitar riff while the B-side sounds very strangely as Steely Dan. Micky Jones won't dig this path again but it may have provided him some major success if he had. Note that I changed the cover sleeve since the first one I had made. I think this one is much better. Note also that some sites (eg. here) sell this (fake) single using my sleeve (actually they surely stole the file and make money with it). This makes me quite angry. So grab it for free here. Since there was no video still available for this song I decided to make one quickly (see below).

This should have been the single issued some months after the Back To The Future album but it was not released for a reason I ignore. Shame cos' it was again a splendid song by Micky Jones (his style is quite obvious here) and this may have helped the band to improve his success which was quite good with the charting of their double LP. The 2 songs of this aborted single were issued only 2 years ago in the Back To The Future CD box. Here they are in their supposed initial situation. Taste them, they're great.


Hamster said...

I'm tasting & I'm liking! Spent many a happy hour chillin' to the boys. Thanks for the post.

Rochacrimson said...

Excellent rarity by MAN!
Difficult to find MAN material!
Thank you!

Wes Wemyss said...

I'm a huge Man fan and never heard this before. Thanks a million for your excellent blog!