Mary Bell - s/t (2007)

Mary Bell was one of the youngest (10 yrs old) killer in history (it was in the sixties) and the Nederland sludge band that took her name for calling themselves created one of the most killer sludge metal in history. Released 3 years ago, not much has been received from them but this Melvino-Sunno))Sleep massive sound hammer is something to taste once in a lifetime. It's not far to be one of the heaviest thing ever produced in rock music. After the 24 min of the last track ("Delirium") I'm not sure you'll still remember what's your name. Don't have a gun near you, you may be in such a state you could feel OK to kill yourself by tonight. Sorry for the bad quality of the cover, I did not find a better one but the music doesn't need any nice wrapping. It's extreme as you can't imagine. I hope they'll do something else one day or another. Meanwhile enjoy it here. Their myspace's there.

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