Ol' Scratch - The Sunless Citadel (2009)

Another really great Sludge album by a recently disbanded band (after 5 years of existence and this only LP, released last year). What a shame. Would you mind to go on and do other records like this please instead of splitting? We, little desperate human rubbish trying to live in this dustbin called world, need you more than ever. If you don't dislike a bit of High On Fire and a touch of stoner in your Black Sabbathic sludge, you'll adopt this sunless citadel and class it in one of the best LP of the last year. Riffs are killers but more than that, they propose an amazing patchwork of styles (even stoner-folk à la Acrimony on "Tree of Woe" or true gothic in the incredible "Brink of the Maelstrom", in streaming below) that few could manage to keep consistent. And when they are sludge, they are (listen to the monstruous "Draconian March" or the superb final of "The Goatbridge"). They will be missed. Enjoy their souvenir here.

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