The Album That Could Have Been... the Beatles

Today something I wanted to do for 40 years ! Yes, when I was a young kid beginning to feel interested by music, it was 1970 and everyone told me the dream was over, the golden era of rock was finished cos' the Beatles were splitting. Since then, I wonder what would have been the album the Beatles would have released if they didn't split. Stupid and vain exercise I admit, but compiling songs from their first solo releases (minus Ringo Starr one), I arrived to a proposed LP that could have been the last Beatles album. Of course, except for Ringo Starr on the Lennon tracks, they don't play together. But it was not impossible to imagine such a collection of solo works under the Beatles name. Several songs from the White album seem to have been recorded this way. To create this strange and absurd collection, I chose songs they had proposed to the Beatles ("Teddy Boy", "All Things Must Pass") or that I consider they could have because their style was not too much unrelevant. I avoided all the intimate love songs and the funny ones too. I also avoided the weakest ones (in the 1st Macca album, there were some very dispensable). On the fake 1st side, I incuded songs about the past, the childhood, and some songs about how things were going. On the second side, songs deal more with the Beatles ending. It was a delicate choice to decide the succession of the songs but I think the order is OK and does justice to the climax of the whole. The cover sleeve was an endless hesitation, and finally, I decided to do this relatively ugly one since all the other ideas seemed to me a pretentious attempt to visually interpret this set of songs. So I only respected the year these pictures were taken (I'm not too sure for Ringo, more probably a 1969 picture). Honestly, this would have been one of the best albums of the music history and surely the best of the Beatles. Now it's up to you to decide if this post is interesting or not. Catch it here or there.


Anonymous said...

Merci c'est une super idée. J'ai hâte d'entendre ce que ça donne.


Anonymous said...

include ringo starr's "it don't come easy" and it would be perfect.

Jobe said...

Great job and I like the covers too

dk said...

Thx for the good back on this project