Demeanor - The Slugs Throne (2010)

Honestly a hell of a record. Don't know whether we must call it an LP since it's less that 14 min long although with 7 tracks, but at the end you're more shaken than after most of the albums released of 60 min released this year. If, like me, you're into Daughters or even Today of the Day or Converge (but many more), you'll adopt this duo as soon as you'll hear the first track (can't call this songs you'll admit). But I would say it's still more intense and extreme and is not constrained if metal or noise format. No it's totally freeform and innovative, and violent and full of rage, hate and disgust. They're from Kentucky and I didn't know this place could inspire such a terrific music. The music we need in a wor(l)d. Take it and live it here.

A Stable Life, A Bright Future

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