Gnaw Their Tongues - L'arrivée de la Terne Mort Triomphante (2010)

One of the most impressive record of the year so far. Not the first time I write that but honestly here something's happening. This one-man band (the composer is called Mories) from Nederlands has released other LPs and EPs before and I come a little late in discovering it only now. But never is too late (except when you die). There is nothing that the music produced here can be compared to. More Carl Orff than rock indeed, more Neurosis, Laibach or Xasthur than country music of course, but totally singular. It takes you in its arms and drowns you in a storm of dysymphonic sounds. The atmospheres are totally suffocating but strangely, you surprise yourself to hope that it'll never end. This music allows us extasis in hell. The man responsible for this mess (in all senses of the term) states that the part of him that does that "wants to kill the world but is too depressed to do something besides making mind-numbing music". It's OK for us. He's more efficient this way. All the titles are in French, which is another wink toward us. Don't leave this greatness out of your life. Catch it here and then buy it there if you're in US or there if you're in EU.

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