Golden Earring - Bombay 7" (1976)

11th and last single of the golden era of Golden Earring. After that, the style of the band will lean toward more mainstream and even if the 2 following years will see some good songs, nothing to compete with the previous decade. This last single is rather good but features 2 songs from the Contraband album (very good one too but not reaching the summit of the previous ones) so nothing rare or unissued. The style is more and more US-inspired with Steely Dan and some similars in their influences of the moment. "Faded Jeans" on the B-side is much better and could have been in To The Hilt. One of these songs showing how great could be this band. I hope this 11-series contributed to make that known. Maybe I'll compile all these As & Bs sides on one post later. I don't know if it's any useful since they are all here posted before. Meanwhile, catch this last one here. No video found. And no picture of the year except this flyer for a concert in 1976.

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