Golden Earring - Sleepwalkin' 7" (1976)

Year 1976 begins for the band with this new single (their 9th in our series), preceding their fantastic To The Hilt album. The song ("Sleepwalkin'") can appear a little weak compared to the previous series of strong ones but actually it works better in the album than on single. However, it's a good one and it was as successfull in Nederland than "Kill Me". And it's clear that the band has still evolved and found a new way to do rock. In 1975-76, they will be few to not drown in an awful ROR rock with pathetic funk features. Golden Earring will save my years (with Peter Hammill). The B-side is a rarity I ripped from my single and I think the quality is correct. Strange that so many songs from the band are still not available these days in CD format when they are so famous in Europe. Listen to the grande final of this song and tell me if it's not the mark of a great band. They are among the few to make a moog sounds rock. A last word. I did a new version of the cover since my single has got none, the one I found on the net was of poor quality (see below) and actually it was badly realized. The Titanic is a story I always found fascinating. This imagery only comes from a sentence of the lyrics that actually don't deal at all with this wreck but are a basic seduction song (Hay did better). Enjoy it here.

Below, a very interesting video from a TV show cos' the band plays (and how well) live and seems to really take pleasure to the rather complicated structure of the song.

And below, the rare "Babylon".

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