Golden Earring - To The Hilt 7" (1976)

Four months after "Sleepwalkin'" and in the wake of the To The Hilt LP, the band released the eponymous song in single (the 10th in our series). It's from the lyrics of this song that the cover sleeve of the album was conceived "One day you'll be tied and gagged / Your head upon the railroad track / The rail's hummin', there's a train a comin' / I'm sure your last thought's full of regret / Before the wheels roll across your neck". Actually, the 7" was not a hi(l)t, even in Nederlands (surely the reason why this song was not included in the The Devil Made Us Do It double CD compilation of the group's hits). Like "Sleepwalkin'", the song works better as a piece of the LP than as a single but it's a good one (there's not a bad song on the LP actually). The B-side is the great "Violins", one song demonstrating that Golden Earring could reach the same levels than Led Zeppelin at their best, with a more subtle approach. Not to be missed. Take it here. No video of the band performing "To The Hilt" so I put it in streaming.

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