JFG & The Regulars - Where's The Regular Man? / Phone In Sick fake 7" (2010)

After the Soft Boys, the Monochrome Set and Television Personalities, it's rather logical to re-up jfg and his various bands since I doubt that if you love these above bands you wouldn't fall in love with him. Here's the first of 5 singles (real or fake, this one is a fake) that were (or should have been) released between 2010 and 2012. Some details about the songs of this first one in the original post below. If you want to get more, go to his Bandcamp page here. I won't post complete LPs or EPs that are to sell on Bandcamp of course. Meanwhile catch this first one here. PS. Note that the "Phone In Sick" version in the Youtube video is a little bit different than the one on this single (driven from the album).

I posted previously a compilation of my fave tracks from JFG (here, you should have it, you bad visitors), my opposite since he's an Englishman in a French talking real world (he's living in Bordeaux, the south west of France) whilst I'm a Frenchman in an English writing networld. I was impatiently waiting the day he'd released an LP. It's done with his current band, the Regulars. Imagine Robyn Hitchcock fronting the Fall of the first decade mixed with some Jazz Butcher pieces in it ("but there's more "would say Todd Rundgren) and you have a taste of the music proposed here. This post is a fake single I selected to make you know the man. Since he really needs you to buy the LP, I don't post the whole LP. If you love what you hear, don't hesitate to buy the album in going on their myspace here. But first, take this "should exist" single. The picture I chose for the A-side is from a certain Mislav Mihalj (deviantArt page here) and for the B-side from Anouk . J (deviantArt page there). Quite fitting the content I feel (I hope I should say).

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