K Lloyd - Solow (2010)

Repost of this album with new pictures of the cover sleeves. Moreover, you didn't notice enough how great it is. I wrote initially this: "20 years ago, I was discovering the band that will become my fave sludge band of the 2 or 3 following years: Buzzov.en. His leader was Kirk Fisher, a real madman but the greatest musical druid that ever existed, able to transmute his deepest inner angst and despair in a sound equivalent totally amazing. His life would therefore be a little chaotic I would say. But 20 years later, I'm listening to a certain K Lloyd (write k.lloyd, the same way I like to be called d.kelvin, with no capital, the only capital thing in life is sentence, and it's without any hesitation one of the most extraordinary acoustic album of the last decade. Honestly, I'm not fond of acoustic album but when it's Peter Hammill, Ed Kuepper, Robyn Hitchcock, Simon Finn, Dave Cousins or Scott Kelly and more recently Pale Roses, I have no problem with it. What I loathe is the big amount of post-Dylanian US singer-songwriters with soporific unmelodic and unsubstantial so-called songs. Soothing to my ears. Not k.lloyd. It's incredible the emotion raising from this set of tracks. It's rawer than the previously cited solo artists, and there's a blues dimension in it, but it's sludge folk for sure, the only one we really need today. There is also some electric songs (one with drums) and it's all I love, quite Bolanesque actually (such as "Done Got Old"). Believe me, it's a masterpiece and will be remembered such. And if you don't believe me, have a try here."

And buy it, buy it, buy it.

Muddy Waters

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Done Got Old
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Walk On Thine Own
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Anonymous said...

link is no good. Says I have be a rapidpro member to download.

dk said...

Strange. It should be. It has been dl yesterday without any trouble. I'll upload it on hotfile tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

thanks! i was curious about that project. to be honest i'm not as much convinced as you are, as a whole the album didn't strike me so much... but there are some very strong songs such as muddy waters and walk on thine own, those definitely have something going on...