Kinks - Mountain Woman / Kentucky Moon fake 7" (1972)

Nobody asked me to, but I decided to re-up the Kinks singles (real or fake). Here a 2-unreleased songs that I had put on a fake single with a nice did-it-myself cover sleeve. I think it deserves to be dl. Catch it here. More to come.

When the reissue of the Kinks catalogue was released more than 10 years ago, I was surprised to find these 2 unreleased tracks from the Muswell Hillbillies sessions in the eponymous album. Not that they could be hits, but honestly they are both good songs that could have found their way in the album. Don't know why Ray Davies did not include them. Maybe their US trad. influence was too much for the times. So, I created this fake single for these 2 forgotten Kinks songs. For the cover sleeve, I digitally worked on a picture of Catwoman (see Scoptophilia blog here to see who she is) in a mountain landscape since it's a nice illustration of the "Mountain Woman" song. Of course, it's too sex to have been a cover at the time and even today but here we are free (at least for some times) to avoid all this prudishness bullshit.

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