Man - Live at the Whiskey a GoGo (1974)

I don't listen much to Man these days, but a re-up request makes me put this live set from 1974 back on the blog. I improved the cover sleeves a little bit (with this special photoshop filter creating a sort of vinyl cover sleeve texture to my fake sleeves), specially the back one. Hope to help such bands not to fall in oblivions, they deserve to be kept alive throughout time. If you like the Traffic live set climax, you'll like Man. More below about this particular show. Catch it here. There are other concert captures that I posted and that will need to be re-up if God gives me some more time.

Less than one year after the Roundhouse concert posted here, it's a totally different Man that we find in the USA for promoting their new Rhinos Winos and Lunatics album. Only Terry Williams on drums and Micky Jones (2 genius in their own domain) are still there, and back is Deke Leonard, fired 2 years before, with 2 members of his own band. Musically, this is also quite different, more rockier, less spacey. I told before that the previous Man incarnation was my fave and I won't change my mind but it's still a great band. This live testimony is not one of their best but is an interesting addition for Man's amateurs for 3 reasons. First, the drums are mixed in front (too much actually) but it's a way to verify what a thrilling drummer is Terry Williams. The second is that it's the only chance to hear Man with a sax in it since Jim Horn, well-known session man, plays with them. He's quite mixed in the back unfortunately. Last, there are some small moments where everything is really working well and takes you off the ground as we all like it so much. This set was added on the reissue of the Rhinos Winos and Lunatics LP by Esoteric Recordings. Don't be fooled by the small number of tracks, the whole is 60 min long.

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grifftrain said...

I didnt know much about this band. Then I heard this. And loved this. thanks. link still good too!

AussieRock said...

Awesome work - many thanks for the share
Cheers from DownUnder

Anonymous said...

Any chance for a re-up ?

A guy discovering Man in 2014,
Derek from Paris,