Mark Perry - Snappy Turns LP (1980)

After the 2 solo singles Mark Perry released in 1980 and posted on this blog the previous days, here is the album, without any of the songs from the 7" (a delicate attention) and with 2 very different sides. The 1st one with "classic" songs that could please any Alternative TV fan except that it was a little more adventurous than the trad punk approach, and a second one close to the Good Missionaries style, at least more easy to listen and to say all, much better. In fact this album is for me a classic and one toally underrated. If the times had not been to the slide to the mainrock return (the Clash, the Damned, 999, Jam) or the new wave (Cure and so much more), maybe it could have found its audience but you'll admit that with the cover it used (here), it was not possible. Actually, the cover sleeve I show here was the one I created with my vinyl in 1980, considering the official one a total waste. It was an illustration I found quite in line with the general atmosphere and lyrics of the LP. The backside was also created with some shots I gathered from here or there at the times.If you became a Mark Perry amateur visiting this blog, go on with the usefull addition of this great LP here.

Snappy Turns
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At War (lyrics below)
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the saucer people said...

Hi there - I never seem to have enough spare cash to buy a 2nd hand copy of the 1993 CD reissue, not that it's expensive, more of a reflection of how skint I am right now! So I was wondering if there any possibility of re-posting the Snappy Turns album? I know the wonderful JZ over at DIEORDIY2 posted this criminally under-rated album as a 160 MP3 but as the album and CD are long out of print, this album really deserves a decent FLAC/WAV/320 rip.

The one thing that has always confused me about this album is that it shares a similar 'pop' aesthetic (the title track has 'hit' all over it) as Strange Kicks and yet as far as I know, Alex Ferguson is not mentioned on any of the credits. I guess Mr Perry was already wanting to move in a different direction (or directions as obviously the more avant-garde sound of the Good Missionaries took place within this time-frame as well).

Many thanks if you can help with my request (and many thanks if not, as you have a wonderful blog that has some incredible music on it!)