Mark Perry - You Cry Your Tears 7" (1980)

I repost this single since I found the official cover sleeves (4 sides). So I add it to the post. The rest stays unchanged.

Yes, I'm again in a Mark Perry's period (almost once a year for the last 33 years). After his first solo single reposted yesterday and released in 1980, he released this one (did not find the cover sleeve, the reason I committed one of my DIM one, since I did not know its existence at the times, although I was not missing any of his releases, sorry for the bad English I'm quite tired tonight). And it's a gem once again. "I wish I was like you / You are so extreme" could be a sentence I would have said. And I love the way Mark Perry was experimental. Always at human level, never in an arty posture, never leaving intimacy behind the curtains of experimentation. This man is a hero for me. The A-side sleeve takes a digital work of an American woman called Calliape Ericsson (here her deviantArt page) and the B-side a picture done by mandalays (there). And the Mark Perry single (t)here to enjoy.

You Cry Your Tears
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