Starve - Wasteland (2010)

One more great band from Nederland (too many to count them). This one is pure sledge, in the classic tradition of the genre (more UpsideDown Cross than EyeHateGod actually) but never dogmatic nor too referencial to the great ancients. This is really rough and crude. The bridge of the eponymous song is quite a thrill. And there is a sludge version of the greatest song of the XXth century: "Strange Fruit". Not much to add. If you come here for rare oldies, you will say "shit, his doom bullshit again", but if you like to taste my sludge "friandises", you'll have a try and I'm sure you'll adopt this bunch of aural noisers in your homehead. All titles are filled with hate and disgust, what else do you need in these chaotic times where rebellion against powermen bastards is on the rise. The music to fill your will to fight with. Swallow it here. And if you digest it well, go to buy the album there.

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Strange Fruit
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