Tony McPhee - Live in Zielona Gora (2000)

A not re-quested re-up (but I don't care) of an accoustic set Tony McPhee played in a little Polish place. A wonderful selection of blues played by the spiritual son of John Lee Hooker. Perfect to hear on a misty and cold autumn. Sad that he's no more able to sing after his stroke. But he still plays guitar with friends under the Groundhogs name. Our youth is only an old souvenir. And thinking of it, we got the blues. Catch this set here. PS. I'm still very happy of the cover sleeve I created for this live LP.

Recorded in a blues club of a Polish town called Zielona Gora (the pictures I chose for the sleeve I did myself), this is a fine collection of blues played by Tony McPhee in his usual Hookering style. I prefer when he plays with Groundhogs and when he plays his songs but here, the collection is quite sapid and there is a nice accoustic version of "Garden". It's a rather rare recording issued by a Polish label under a really ugly cover sleeve, the reason why I did one myself. The picture is from a Polish photograph called Alcove and I'll very soon post some of his works on Scoptophilia since he is more than talented.

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Herr Ärmel said...

what a pleasure!!!
thank you for the presentation on your fine blog

Slidewell said...

Nice job on the cover. Looking forward to hearing T.S. do his acoustic thing. Thanks.

Grum said...

Discovered your blog by accident (some very good stuff here by the way) and found this. I've been searching for it for ages and it completes my TS collection. Thank you very much for posting it.

dkelvin said...

Thx for the comment. Happy to provide rare stuff from such great musician.