Uboa - Sometimes Light (2010)

Uboa is a one man-band from Melbourne, Australia, doing a heavy-as-dereliction doom strongly influenced by Khanate but with a less unstructured vision of music (except "Boyeater / Ponydance" which is ambient drone). It's rare I become an instant fan but here is the case. This is all I wait music to be these times. Not an easy listening but existence in not an easy living so it fits well. For the name I only found this reference "Uboa comes from the 2005 adventure game Yume Nikki. In one particular area of the game, after murdering a girl named Poniko, there is a slight chance that after turning off the lights in the room, the character Uboa appears. Uboa is noted for his freakish contorted face and the heart pounding music accompanying Uboa’s appearance. Uboa holds such a nightmarish grasp on our hearts because his appearance is so sudden and unpredictable that many who did this on accident were scared out of their minds". You can see an example here. The contorted face (see here) is not without similarity with the Shout of Munch actually, only with a fake naïve smile. Here below the included text I find in the dl and written by the man behind Uboa (the group, not the concept). Since 3 of my fave philosophers are cited, I can't help to transcript it here. "UBOA - SOMETIMES LIGHT 1. Eyes do Not Belong There (7.06) 2. Seen and Not Heard (9.48) 3. Boyeater / Ponydance (18.26) 4. Event Horizon Girl (14.36) "The world could not be the product of an all-loving being, but that of a devil, who has brought creatures into existence in order to delight in the sight of the suffering." -Arthur Schopenhauer. " If I wanted to shake this tree with my hands I should not be able to do it. But the wind, which we do not see, tortures and bends it in whatever direction it pleases. It is by invisible hands we are bent and tortured worst."-Friedrich Nietzsche. "Is it possible that existence is exile and nothingness our home?"Emil Cioran. Thanks to: T.V. and Gred for trusting me not to break their equipment. The rest of you, unnamed like myself, for putting up with me in general. Thanks also to the blogs\people who helped with feedback, and Uboa gospel.Please spread this like the virus that it is. -X". This is what I try to do with this post. And now, enjoy (this expression is less and less appropriate with time, I should change) here. After that, buy it to have the real sound.

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Uboa said...

Uboa has two new releases since this was released: Coma Wall EP (2015) and Jouissance LP (2013)
Both are available for free here: https://uboa.bandcamp.com/

Thanks for reviewing this all those years ago!