Dragon Tears - Turn On Tune In Fuck Off (2010)

Something unusual for this blog, not really specialized in pop-psych revival but this Danish trio, featuring the leader of Baby Woodrose, has just released a really stunning album this month. I really dig this Third Floor Elevator meets Hawkwind meets the Beatles (more specifically the Macca bass style). This is a side-project for Lorenzo Woodrose but it could be his main cos' it's very good. The 1st side is much more poppy (if I can say) than the second, much more psycherexperimental, but both are good to hear. Between a real oldies and a sludge newcome, this is a way to wash your head with something weird, strange but sapid. try it here and buy it then anywhere you find it.

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Two tongue talk. Well, your heart it smells like burning plastic As you ejaculate atomic waste I feel like I’m lost in your matrix Confused by your false flag face You cannot make me eat your two tongue talk You cannot make me believe your two tongue talk Carefully weaving your fabric Like a spider hooked on the chase Your conspiracy is a secret fantasy About the rise of a new master race You cannot make me eat your two tongue talk You cannot make me believe your two tongue talk I’m swimming in your one world blood With my mind on a higher plane A photogenic skizophrenic Caught on surveillance tape You cannot make me eat your two tongue talk You cannot make me believe your two tongue talk War is peace, freedom slavery Ignorance strength, oblivion a virtue (swimming in your one world blood)


Union of Sleep - Death in the place of rebirth (2010)

This German band is amazing. It's sludge at its most savage, often compared to Church of Misery, but much better to my ears. It's fast and dirty, drowned in mud and sometimes surfing on it. This is their second LP and the world needs it. Quite short (30 min), not a second wasted in any self-indulgence. Rare that a sludge band possesses the raging power of bands like Racebannon. They do it. Not to miss. Listen here and then buy please. One of the highdark of the year. After Omega Massif, Germany becomes one of my cherished land for sludge and doom. And I'm sure there is much more. In streaming, one of the peak of this mountain of sound, "The Bridge". Rather incredible. Not the first to do this style but tonight it's like I never heard it before. I must get old or they're very clever.

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A nice flyer. A message for many I saw today.


Van Der Graaf Generator - Lifetime fake 7" (2008)

For those who may think that Van der Graaf Generator, as most of their contempories, are only a band of the past, not producing anything of value since they reform, this fake single, with "Lifetime" on A-side. Don't know why nobody insisted to release it in this format, it could have been a hit who knows, with a Procol "Whiter Shade of Pale" era-climax but with lyrics to commit suicide I must admit (but they're the best aren't they?). On the fake B-side, the other present style of the band, the great "(We Are) Not There" song closing the Trisector LP. Cos' there is nothing rare here, both songs are on the LP, but if you don't know what's doing the band (now a trio) now, a way to discover it. Then get the album. The new one is on the way to be released and this band is one of the rares to make me impatient to hear what's they'll do next. Maybe the only one actually. Taste it here. The cover sleeve is one of the most terrifying drawing of Kubin. Perfect for the lyrics.

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I can remember it so well, the bed of roses where we lay, the crown of thorns I was so keen to give away. All the warning signs ignored, the passion's played. I could foresee what was to come, I had a sense of what might happen. The river runs and very rapidly becomes a torrent, sweeping us towards our ricochet. It takes a lifetime to unravel all the threads that have tied us in our webs of tourniquet. I stake no claim on memory. I stand on ceremonial quicksand. I look for something with solidity to hold: something lasting, something pristine, with no sense of decay. Can you remember how that was? Can you remember? It takes a lifetime's understanding of the flow to surrender, let the current sweep you away. What if I'd told you I would never let you go, I would hold you every step along the way. It takes a lifetime to unlearn all that you know to return the things you borrowed for a day.

A live(time) version

(We Are) Not Here
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K Lloyd - Solow (2010)

Repost of this album with new pictures of the cover sleeves. Moreover, you didn't notice enough how great it is. I wrote initially this: "20 years ago, I was discovering the band that will become my fave sludge band of the 2 or 3 following years: Buzzov.en. His leader was Kirk Fisher, a real madman but the greatest musical druid that ever existed, able to transmute his deepest inner angst and despair in a sound equivalent totally amazing. His life would therefore be a little chaotic I would say. But 20 years later, I'm listening to a certain K Lloyd (write k.lloyd, the same way I like to be called d.kelvin, with no capital, the only capital thing in life is sentence, and it's without any hesitation one of the most extraordinary acoustic album of the last decade. Honestly, I'm not fond of acoustic album but when it's Peter Hammill, Ed Kuepper, Robyn Hitchcock, Simon Finn, Dave Cousins or Scott Kelly and more recently Pale Roses, I have no problem with it. What I loathe is the big amount of post-Dylanian US singer-songwriters with soporific unmelodic and unsubstantial so-called songs. Soothing to my ears. Not k.lloyd. It's incredible the emotion raising from this set of tracks. It's rawer than the previously cited solo artists, and there's a blues dimension in it, but it's sludge folk for sure, the only one we really need today. There is also some electric songs (one with drums) and it's all I love, quite Bolanesque actually (such as "Done Got Old"). Believe me, it's a masterpiece and will be remembered such. And if you don't believe me, have a try here."

And buy it, buy it, buy it.

Muddy Waters

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Done Got Old
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Walk On Thine Own
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Buzzov.en - Wound EP (1992)

Nothing less than the paradigm of sludge punk. I wrote about this EP (their second, I'll post Hatebox later on) in Xroads mag this month (French one) and I realized I never posted it here although, with Asbestosdeath, Neanderthal, FuManchu or EyeHateGod, it contributed to make me a sludgeaddict for the rest of my life. Kirk Fisher was something of a man, surely suffering inside, judging by the lyrics, but how talented to make this pain great music. Under the name of K Lloyd, he released recently a gem of an acoustic album called Solow that you can find here (but buy it then please). 1992, 2010, this man can still be in the greatests of the year. Quite an achievement. Get this classic here. It was added to the Welcome to the Violence CD but it's here in its original context (the cover is my own 7").

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Fleshpress - Rebuild / Crumble EP (2010)

Fleshpress has released 2 EP this fall. The first (No Return) to be found here, quite polystylistic with a rather extreme approach of sludge, and the second (this post), with a more atmospheric approach and, to say all, my fave. Not far to be the best thing in this style this year. A complete success. Try it here and then buy the real thing there, it worths it.


Van der Graaf - Cat's Eye / Ship of Fools 7" (1977)

This is the last single the band will release in the 70's (and surely in his career). It's no more the VDGG we knew and they even shortened their name in VDG, removing the generator. Actually, Hugh Banton did not want to tour anymore and preferred to have a family life even it he had to sacrifice a musical career. David Jackson followed too, although the band was on the edge to break in America. So, Peter Hammill called back Nic Potter, the acolyte of the early years, and the violin from String Driven Thing, Graham Smith. The album was not totally a great one but actually more relevant to 1977 that would have been the previous formation. From the LP was drawn a single in France, with "Cat's Eye / Yellow Fever" on A-side (a very Albinoniesque one) and an unissued "Ship of Fools" on B-side, quite a heavy one this one, even Rikki Nadir's derived. It could have been associated with punk without any problem, much more than the Stranglers or Jam for example. And the band changed his look quite completely too. Not many 60's bands could look so fresh in that year. All in all, a fine way to close the history. There would be a live one and that's all. The Hammill's solo career will begin for long decades. I included the flac versions of both songs in the rar file + the MP3 one of the B-side (in streaming below). More to come. Enjoy (here).

Ship of Fools
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Ship of Fools. The captain's in a coma, the lieutenant's on a drunk; the owner's in his cabin with his special friend, the monk; the midget's on the bridge, dispensing platitudes and junk - those wild and special places, those strange and dangerous places, those sad, sweet faces, it's a Ship of Fools. The nurse in black seamed stockings, she's already on patrol for fake fur starlets panicked by the watering-hole; everybody's waiting for the drama to unfold in those cold and treasured places, those old and degenerate places; those posed, posed, empty faces it's a Ship of Fools. Run, rabbit, run, you're the only one that can do it; turn, baby, turn, there's a ring of fire and you've got to go through it. Fun, baby, fun, when the sands have run to the limit turn, baby, turn, there's a ring of fire and you're in it. Looking for logic and adventure down the dark end of the street, open city, open season, open lips that gleam so sweet offer kisses like piranhas to the soft flesh of your feet, and any man's poison is every man's meat in those mad and special places, those sad and desperate places, those sad, sweet soul embraces, it's a Ship of Fools Those strange and special places those wild and dangerous places, those dead, dead, dead faces... It's a Ship of Fools; no rules.


Kno - Graveyard / Smile fake 7" (2010)

The new album of Kno, the man from CunningLynguist, one of the best hip-hop band of the past decade (maybe the best actually but I'm not a specialist anymore), is a complete masterpiece, and will stay for me, with the Xasthur and the K Lloyd albums, as the most moving and important LP of the year. It's a depressing album, quite metaphysical about death, one of the more intelligent and deep on this thema in the whole music history. The samples are extraordinary. There is even (should I say heaven?) a Melanie sample (from "I Loved Harold"). You can hear it the complete LP here. Buy it then. I post here a fake 7" since the 2 real ones do not feature my fave songs (even if there is not a weak one on the whole LP). It contains 2 of the most macabre, particularly "Graveyard". I did a fitting cover (don't kno(w) where I found the picture). Hear it here.

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Graveyard. A female condom's what you should be throwin in You need protection, I'm sick and I'm going inI'm sick when I flow with pens The shit like some old Depends The pick of the chosen men I flip...hold up I'm the Talcum Malcolm, the Emo Primo Got no need for beef, got a Vegan ego I'll squeeze three freaks in a El Camino Arizona Charlie's East Casino A stack on Blackjack, 3 on Keno So much cream that they screen my C-Notes Stains on my jeans, breath reeks of Cheetos These girls on my team, breast meat and deep throat She don't swallow? That claim's preposterous Lets just say she has a populous esophogus She prolly wanna crash, but no Bandicootin And yes we're going Dutch, but no Vanderslootin Cus I don't hit women, but I'll annoy a bitch Wiretap your phone, Rod Blagojevich I Vincent Van Gogh hard in the paint (ay!) What gave you the impression that I can't? (ay!) Many have tried, most of them failed Trap or Die, Oregon Trail You won't prevail if you push me I'm that dude, Todd Palin I get dumb...pussy There's a gem found in every heap beneath when you're six feet deep A ledger that points to treasure Pots of immeasurable gold That are six feet deep The Grim Reaper reaps the souls of those Who walk in their sleep, we're all six feet deep I pray the Lord my soul to keep though I'm walking in heat It's like I'm six feet deep


Van der Graaf Generator - Wondering / Meurglys III 7" (1976)

After their extraordinary comeback in 1975, after a 3 year gap and 3 albums in 2 years (each a masterpiece in its own, World Record, the last, being my fave), the first single of the band is released. It's true than it's one of the best composition of Peter Hammill (co-written by Hugh Banton, I suppose the "Strawberry Fields Forever" flavor of the intro is from him), a song full of pathos, that in other hands could have been totally ridiculous and pompous, but is in the VDGG's ones a moving, spine-shivering and tears-triggering song. On the B-side, there was the most intense and autobiographical song Hammill played with VDGG, 21 min long on the LP, only excerps on the single, but here in its complete version since it seems impossible not to listen to the full version. If there was anything equivalent to diaries in rock, it's in there. The band will stop soon after this single and will reborn with a different line-up, but this formation will always be the true one in our hearts and souls. Drown in it here. The cover sleeve is a representation of Lucifer by von Stuck. The pictures below (and back cover sleeve one too) are from a New York concert of the band in October 1976. Can see more here.

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Wondering. I will arise: in the depths, I will open my eyes; as my breath almost fails me, survive. Wait - there's something unclear, there's something I fear now drawing close. Could it be you? Whose is that voice? Is it now time to make a choice? Ah - that irrational pain! This ridiculous brain now bursts with joy. Could it be me? Could it be now? Should I begin to take my vows? I will return:as I live, as I breathe, as I burn I swear I will come through, with my hands stretching out in the dark, with my eye pressed up tight to the glass, wondering if it's all been true. Wondering, wondering, wondering... Wondering if it's all ... wondering if it's all been true...


Fleshpress - No Return EP (2010)

You want to feel like if you were crawling thu shit and blood soul burning so listen to this (actually this is the title of the first track). This band from Finland (with Mikko Aspa, playing with Clandestine Blaze and Deathspell Omega and a guy in the extreme porno stuff I'm not sure to appreciate very much), mixes several styles and actually reminds me of what Autopsy did in the nineties, a cross between sludge, doom, death and even grind or dark metal. Its good to see bands not stuck in one style. The 2 tracks are quite different, the second being more Sabbatho-stoner than the first, with a wonderful instrumental final, one of the greatest psychedelic moment of the year (judge below it's in streaming). All in all it's a great EP. There is another EP from the band released concomitantly with this one and that I'll post here too. Don't know why they did not chose to relase a full LP rather than 2 EPs. A question to ask. Meanwhile, taste this shit and blood sonor load here, it's famous.

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Bloody Panda - Summon (2009)

Here's what I call a seminal doom album (and band). But real doom, nihilistic, bleak, hopeless, more Esoteric/Skepticism than anything else. The particularity is that they are fronted by Yoshika Ohara, a female singer (her voice can be considered to be quite influenced by Nico here and there but the screamings are pure doom) and it's always another atmosphere than male vocals. The fact is female voices are often more associated in doom with romantic or goth doom when it's not epic doom. But not here, and as Monarch (another nihilistic doom band with a female singer, they're touring together by now and it's must a hell of evenings to see them both on a same set), it's the darkest and loudest version of doom we got here. At my age, I confess this is the only music I can listen to when I'm too down to tolerate anything else floating in the putrescent air in which I'm slowly dying. The case tonight. This music is, like Cioran in philosophy, one of the last thing you can grab before deciding to stop things here. In a way, this profound mortuary flavor is a perfume of life for desperates. Thanx to this great band. Support them, they deserve it. And drink this bitter potion here. Then buy it.

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Madness - Live EP 2009 (2010)

A fine gift from Madness this 4-song live EP from shows given at the end of last year. Don't know if they plan a live LP and if this is only a give & try. For all of us who were at the shows (not these, but similar ones), a way to remember the excitation of the moment. When alone in a room at night, it's a welcome consolation. You van dl it freely on this site here or go to there as usual. The cover sleeve is an adaptation from the real one associated with the dl.

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Mark Perry - Crazy Crazy / Release the Natives live at Thames Poly fake 7" (1985)

This is the live recording of 2 "songs" (if you can call it songs) from Mark Perry just before he reformed a new Alternative TV, the one who'll release the Welcome to the End of Fun EP sometimes later. Recorded at the Thames Poly (where TV Personalities were taken there), it's a really rudimentary way to play on stage, experimental to say the least. But, as usual, there's something deeply human in it that transcends the apparent coldness of the whole. This is taken from the Communicate (Live at Thames Poly) album but it's better to have it separated. The cover sleeve is from a disturbing photographer (Togredt Urg) I'll post some other pictures tonight on scoptophilia blog. Be crazy enough to try it here.

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