Alternative TV - Sol EP (1990)

As I answered to a visitor who recently requested a re-up, I wanted to (at least try) improve the sound of this rather rare EP that never was released on CD (to my knowledge). I worked on each track separately since their weakness was not the same. Part of it was probably the vinyl rip and part the original production but I don't have the vinyl so I can't say. Anyway, any Alternative TV fan wants everything from their beloved band and that's part of it. Don't forget that Alternative TV has a new album out (Opposite Forces) and that's not far from being one of their best. Very different from what was on this Sol EP although "Affecting People" is a great song. Catch it here.

During the 7 years separating the Peep Show LP (1987) and the My Life As A Child Star LPs (1994), there were not many things from Mark Perry except 2 obscures releases, an EP (this one, called Sol) and an LP called Dragon Love, both released in 1990 and quite confidential. Sad cos' the times were to grunge and punk revival and it could have been an opportunity to come back. It's true that this EP is really lo-fi but, once again, I can't have a negative judgement on Mark Perry and I appreciate this one as the other ones. Not easy to find (and I found it on a blog but forgot which one, sorry). No picture, no video.


DJ Stix said...

Any chance of a Re-up of this ,would love to hear it :)

Anonymous said...

Y'a une réédition des premiers albums d'ATV qui va sortir bientôt. Avec moultes bonus tracks.
Beaucoup de classiques, mais on ne s'en lasse pas. Et des trucs dont je n'ai jamais entendu parler.

Ce commentaire aurais pu être plus intéressant. Tant pis.

dkelvin said...

Oui je sais qu'une compilation de tout ce que le groupe a fait sur Deptford Fun City doit paraître chez Cherry Red. Il n'y a pas réellement d'inédits, juste tout rassemblé (les singles, les albums et les John Peel Sessions)

DJ Stix said...

Brilliant. Thank you very much indeed for doing this. Great stuff :) I hope you get a chance to reup the Dragon love LP at some point. Looking forward to the Cherry red boxset :)