Bloody Panda - Summon (2009)

Here's what I call a seminal doom album (and band). But real doom, nihilistic, bleak, hopeless, more Esoteric/Skepticism than anything else. The particularity is that they are fronted by Yoshika Ohara, a female singer (her voice can be considered to be quite influenced by Nico here and there but the screamings are pure doom) and it's always another atmosphere than male vocals. The fact is female voices are often more associated in doom with romantic or goth doom when it's not epic doom. But not here, and as Monarch (another nihilistic doom band with a female singer, they're touring together by now and it's must a hell of evenings to see them both on a same set), it's the darkest and loudest version of doom we got here. At my age, I confess this is the only music I can listen to when I'm too down to tolerate anything else floating in the putrescent air in which I'm slowly dying. The case tonight. This music is, like Cioran in philosophy, one of the last thing you can grab before deciding to stop things here. In a way, this profound mortuary flavor is a perfume of life for desperates. Thanx to this great band. Support them, they deserve it. And drink this bitter potion here. Then buy it.

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