Fleshpress - No Return EP (2010)

You want to feel like if you were crawling thu shit and blood soul burning so listen to this (actually this is the title of the first track). This band from Finland (with Mikko Aspa, playing with Clandestine Blaze and Deathspell Omega and a guy in the extreme porno stuff I'm not sure to appreciate very much), mixes several styles and actually reminds me of what Autopsy did in the nineties, a cross between sludge, doom, death and even grind or dark metal. Its good to see bands not stuck in one style. The 2 tracks are quite different, the second being more Sabbatho-stoner than the first, with a wonderful instrumental final, one of the greatest psychedelic moment of the year (judge below it's in streaming). All in all it's a great EP. There is another EP from the band released concomitantly with this one and that I'll post here too. Don't know why they did not chose to relase a full LP rather than 2 EPs. A question to ask. Meanwhile, taste this shit and blood sonor load here, it's famous.

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