Kinks - Live at the Hippodrome / The Complete Concert (1974)

Strange that I never re-uped this one previously since it's an important testimony of the band during a whole live set in a rather debated period of their career, finally more interesting than what they did later to my eyes. Thanks to the visitor who reminded me to re-up it on M. Here it is. Details below.

This is not a simple update, neither a simple reup, it's the real complete version of this set played for the BBC in front of an audience. The new BBC boxset released this month features the 14 songs (I forgot to remove the Dj speech that takes the place of a song), but the 2 new are small musical trait-d'union, nothing essentiel but it's normal to substitute this one to the incomplete 12-song version I had posted. Moreover the sound quality is improved. Not very improved, but sensibly improved. Below what I wrote in the initial post.

In July 1974, 1 month after a session in the BBC studios, and whilst releasing their rather weak Preservation Act II double LP (Ray Davies said it was released "yesterday" before on the "Money Talks" intro), the band played a show at the Hippodrome, London, mixing songs from their Preservation saga with older ones. But in no way, at that times, the Kinks were requested to play "You Really Got Me" or "Waterloo Sunset" such as it will be the case in the eighties and in the present concerts of Ray Davies. At that times, the Kinks were maybe not as wondrous as they were (the version of "Lola" is particularly a wreck and sometimes the band seems not to be on the same boat), but they were a living band, and we were waiting for their next musical change. It was unfortunately the last that will inspire some excitation, even if some further albums will be better. In this set, very well recorded (nothing here of the awful sounding bootleg concerts you can find here or there), the band is really impressive, in particular Mick Avory on drums (listen to him on "Here Comes Flash" below). And all the songs from the Part II of Preservation are very superior to their album version. The audience seems very receptive. All in all, bands such as Polyphonic Spree make me think of the Kinks of that era. Just that Tim de Laughter has better songs than the ones Ray Davies composed at the times. The songs from this concert can be found for 6 of them ("Victoria", "Here Comes Yet Another Day", "Money Talks", "Mirror Of Love", "Celluloid Heroes" and "Skin And Bone") on the BBC Sessions 1964-1977 double CD, and the 6 other ones on a bootleg CD called Kinks in Concert with a RCA logo on it but it is no way an official LP. Nobody seems to have pooled the 2 6-song sets in one LP, this is therefore what I do in this post with a cover sleeve taken from a gallery here. They are from a show played 2 months before but it's OK.


Anonymous said...

wow. thats all i can say. there is one show by the kinks i desperately want NYC 75. has an amazing version of alcohol. do you have the audio for that one?

Anonymous said...

Rapidshare has no free link to download this file. Thanks for whatever can be done.

Anonymous said...

Disregard, took a minute to comprehend how to download the file, yet figured it out. Thank you for this!

Private Beach said...

The Kinks' version of Alcohol from NYC 1975 is on YouTube - very bad video quality, but the4 sound is listenable.

Didier Leman said...

Just discovered your blog. Excellent and impressive. I much appreciate the high quality boots you share and you must be the only fan (well no, I'm a big fan too) of Cockney Rebel in France. :)

Downloading like hell the Cockney, Free, Kinks stuff.

Merci beaucoup pour ce superbe blog !

Derek from Paris

dkelvin said...

Yes, what a shame Cockney Rebel is not more estimated this side of the channel

Anonymous said...

Well I used to love the Kinks on their 1980 tour, then on their Christmas Rainbow 1977 show, and now it's time to go backwards again (as for Procol Harum) to 1974 on this high quality concert.

Thanks as always to share high quality music,

Derek from Paris

Anonymous said...

I Love your blog. Thanks for all your hard work.

Any chance of a re-up on this one please as the rapidshare link doesn't appear to be working

Anonymous said...

Thanks for agreeing to my request to re-up. This is a fantastic show and improved on the sound of the previous version.

Top job on the blog

Thank you so much

The Arctic Blonde

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Love all The Kinks! Thanks!

lennon _#9dream said...

They were not his most popular era but they took one of his musical masterpieces Theatral in study (Preservation Act). Huge musical work of pop adapted to the theater with a brutal melodic expanse. Small pieces melodic that overflow beauty of a musical production of much elegance in its sound (glam / progressive) of a total variety. Ray Davies changed the direction of the group, was tired of making pop rock conventional for that and had done everything and wanted to evolve as a composer doing something immense, not songs loose and simple works, so he believed in creating the most ambitious project of his legacy, and so it was !!!. Obviously it was not his best work, but it is still a masterpiece in full order. Preservation Act 1 was something more conventional there are subjects that had nothing to do with the work but the one that followed was really what Ray Davies had in mind at the beginning to create an Operetta integra, His enormous and misunderstood Preservation Act 2. "I love Preservation Act "